Home Bound Services


Students with an illness, injury, or pregnancy that is expected to cause the student to be absent for more than two consecutive weeks may qualify for home bound services.  A student requiring home bound placement may need to be evaluated for eligibility for Section 504 services. 

Home bound students shall receive at least three hours of direct instruction in a home or hospital setting per week. 

There are three forms  that the parent must fill out and sign.  There are two forms stating the guidelines of home bound, and one form for the release of medical records.  The release of medical records form asks for physician information.  Please list the doctor who is referring the student for home bound services.  These forms will need to be returned to:

Cierra Dison
Anderson County Board of Education
101 S. Main St.
Suite 506
Clinton, TN 37716
Phone: (865)-463-2800 Ext. 2814
Fax: (865)-457-6815

Upon returning these forms, you will receive the form to take to the referring doctor.  Please contact Cierra for questions or further information.