After School Snack Program

The School Nutrition Program can offer an after school snack to clubs, athletic programs, and any after school activity that has an educational and/or enrichment value.  The snack can be offered to any student that is present at any supervised activity that is at least one hour in duration and occurs after the school day.  The USDA will allow participation in the snack program for the following schools:  AES, BES, CES, CHS, CMS, CRCS,DVES, FES, GOES, LCES, LCMS, NWES, NWMS

The club sponsor, a coach, the teacher or whomever will be involved and present in the program each day will need to do the following:
1. Complete the Checklist for Qualifying an After School Snack Program
2. Sign and have the principal sign the checklist and forward to the School Nutrition Program
3.Attend training for the program (only one person per program is required to attend).  Each club/event/activity must have a person who has attended the central office training.  One person may have 2 or 3 clubs that participate and will complete a form for each club but will only have to attend one training.

Additional information:  the sponsor/teacher/coach must be willing to provide coolers and containers and administer the program for their particular activity, submitting paperwork timely.