Food Allergies and Illnesses

Please visit the TN DOE website for additional information about Special Dietary Needs.

The health of our school children is our uppermost concern.  If your child has a medically documented food allergy or illness, please provide a meal or snack for your child to bring to school until a dietary plan is in place for the student.  That plan is developed by the School Nutrition Program office and is then presented to cafeteria staff.  Please remember that the safest choice is to provide food for your child until all departments of the school are aware of the specific needs of your child and can meet them adequately.  If meals are given when registers are not available or during expedited meal service,  your student should alert the staff before choosing a meal. 

Please print the Guardian Dietary Form and have your physician complete and return to your school office or the School Nutrition Office, 101 S. Main Street, STE #470, Clinton, TN 37716. A plan will be presented for your student's diet management. Please do not take this form to the school cafeteria:  school medical staff are more equipped to gather the information necessary to process the medical dietary needs of the student.   If your child is on medication or has learning needs, please make sure you work with the school office to establish a plan. We do not administer medication in the cafeteria unless it is an emergency, and then proper protocol is followed.

Peanut allergies are real.  It is our policy to provide a peanut or other allergy free areas in each cafeteria if the need is established.  We do not prohibit students from bringing peanut products to school in their lunch or snack bags.  Peanut butter is on the menu.

 The nutritional value information and allergen information published on the website are not prepared by a dietitian or based on lab tested recipes. That information reflects our best effort to provide adequate tools within the cafeteria setting to enable informed choices. A food label from the manufacturer is available on most items. If any dietary modification is necessary for a student, meals prepared at home are the safest choice.
Disclaimer: To the best of our ability we have tried to give accurate information about our ingredients and menu items. Errors can be made, and some nutritional information could be incorrect or omitted. This information was not prepared or  examine by a dietitian or medical authority.  Substitutions can be made by the vendor without notification to our Program.  The safest meal in these cases is the one prepared at home.